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Articulate Presets for Woodwinds 1 Full

Consists of four Articulate Presets:

+ Flute (Flute 1, Flute Ensemble) 

+ Oboe (French Oboe, Oboe Ensemble),

+ Clarinet (Clarinet Bb, Clarinet Ensemble)

+ Bassoon (Bassoon, Basssoon Ensemble)

that each contain all content of the corresponding Full Solo and Ensemble Libraries included in the VSL Woodwinds 1 Collection. These Presets implement up to 3D control (e.g. Attack, Vibrato and Section control for the sustained articulations). In particular they all include the brand-new High Definition (HD) Shorts with 9 velocity layers. Moreover, the package includes the complete integration into all supported Music Applications (Logic, Dorico, Cubase, Studio One).

The presets come in a standard version, a version with alternate MIRx room placement and EQ to be used as second instruments and a version where the section controller is inverted. Moreover key matrices are separately included.

Important: Requires licenses for VSL Woodwinds 1 Full Library. A MIRx venue is also recommended for out-of-the-box room placement and reverberation. There are separate packages for Standard VSL Libraries!

Articulate Presets for Woodwinds 1 Full

€24.00 Regular Price
€19.00Sale Price
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