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Full-featured "hands-on" demo

Articulate Presets offer an extensive, free demo package.
If you own (some of) the corresponding VSL libraries, it gives you the chance to check out all features of Articulate Presets, 
and see for yourself!

The demo content includes four complete Articulate Presets:

  • Cellos S (including all content in the Solo and Chamber Strings 1&2 packages - showcasing the brand-new HD Shorts)

  • Trombone (including all content of five full libraries from Brass 1,
    likewise containing the unique 
    HD Shorts)

  • Second Flute (including all content from Woodwinds 2&1)

  • Violas D (including all content of the Dimension Strings 1-3 + the more recent Ponticello bonus - showcasing the convenient auto-divisi feature)

as well as additional example matrices from other libraries.

The Demo package in particular includes the complete integration into Logic, Dorico, Cubase and Studio One, so if you own one of these Audio Applications you can see how convenient the work with the VSL can be.

Dorico audio/video demos

These audio and video demos showcase how the Vienna Symphonic Library powered by the Articulate Map automatically plays back the demo scores included in Dorico "out of the box", i.e. without edits or adjustments. So far Dorico cannot automatically detect repetitions, so merely the direction "rep." to use repetition samples was included in the score. The Articulate Map selects playing techniques automatically based on the note length (e.g. sustained, long portato, medium portato, short portato & staccato) which yields this varied playback.

The second audio & video version shows the Articulate Map in action and showcases the new HD mode, using the great HD portato, staccato & spiccato. It is obtained by simply including the control direction "HD" at the beginning of the score. Here also the various Baroque ornaments (which Dorico does not play back so far) were converted to standard trills (which Dorico automatically plays back using VSL's unique performance trill). The HD mode yields a rather different playback. The chance to switch these modes at any point independently for each instrument gives you lots of options to obtain the sound you want without even using any of the advanced features the Articulate Map offers.

Finally the last example shows the automatic playback of a score for a full orchestra in a large concert hall, and also exemplifies the sonic impact of the venue, which can be changed for the entire orchestra at once by simply selecting it from a menu.

Pigmalion-Ouverture (Mozartsaal, SD)Rameau
00:00 / 02:33
Pigmalion-Ouverture (Teldex Stage, HD)Rameau
00:00 / 02:34
Dorico Prelude (Vienna Concert Hall)Akinola
00:00 / 02:12
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