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Studio One Articulate Variations
for Articulate Presets

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Seemless integration of the VSL into Studio One

Taking advantage of Studio One’s powerful Sound Variations feature, the Articulate Variations give you access to the entire VSL directly in Studio One's editors. You can assign playing techniques to notes via clear names from the Sound Variation list, switch and record the most important playing techniques during the performance from an external keyboard and access even specific versions directly while editing, without the need for additional Midi events. And the unique Control Variations allow you to conveniently change general aspects of the sound, like the size of the instrument section.


Complete integration of the VSL into Studio One, giving you a full directory of its content via the list of Articulate Variations.

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Select all VSL playing techniques 

conveniently in Studo One's 

editors without having to explicitly use any Midi events.

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Access main articulations easily by key-switches so that they are directly encoded in Studio One Sound Variations when recorded.

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Clear and easy access of the entire VSL
directly in Studio One's editors.

Articulate Variations -
a directory of musical expression
right in Studio One's editors


  • access to all articulations in the VSL via clear and convenient Sound Variations

  • 300 individual definitions

  • 13 thematic folders

  • they work universally with all chromatic instruments supported by Articulate Presets

  • support for both VST 2 & 3 via program changes messages
    and controllers


Like the Articulate Presets, the Articulate Variations are sorted into banks contained in different folders for a convenient access of the many sound variations. The different groups are even color-coded (basic articulations in blue, performance interval in red, ...) for an instant overview in Studio One's editors.


The Studio One Articulate Variations allow you to  select the most used playing techniques (sustained, portato/detache, staccato, legato, ...)  

conveniently by one octave of key-switches on an external keyboard.

The switches follow Art Conductor's 

universal layout, that is compatible with nearly every orchestral library on the market.


The first 128 Sound Variation give you access to all Articulate Presets matrices and therefore the entire VSL. 

Due to the universality of both Articulate Presets and the Articulate Variations you can move them from one instrument to another and they work correctly.


The extensive Direct Access bank offers 128 additional Sound Variations that allow you to directly access particular versions of recorded articulations in the VSL, e.g. a 2s strong crescendo or a major third trill. These follow exactly the same layout as the Logic implementation.


The unique Control Variations adjust certain aspects of the sound like the section size, the attack or the vibrato conveniently via clear text. Powered 

by Articulate Preset's powerful 3D-control this works with various playing techniques, and allows you e.g. to realize divisi in a very convenient way when using VSL Dimension libraries.

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Bring your music to life,

with the expressiveness
of the complete 

at your fingertips

A new level
of variation

The ​Studio One Articulate Variations give you access to the entire content of the vast VSL libraries right at your fingertips - without the need for explicit MIDI events. Yet, by selecting a Sound Variation up to 5 Midi events are automatically and implicitly sent to Vienna Instruments Pro and select the corresponding sound.

Finding and assigning them is easy since they are clearly named, logically sorted and even color-coded for a clear overview.

The extensive Direct Access Variations simplify things even more and directly select particular versions of special articulations, while the Control Variations allow you to realize divisi, select individual Dimension groups, desk or players, control the vibrato, muting and other sound aspects controlled by Articulate Presets powerful 3D control. .

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 8.47.23 AM.png

Sound variations for standard Articulate Presets matrices, grouped in banks, color coded and with key switches 

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 8.46.19 AM.png

Sound variations in the Direct Access bank directly access particular versions of a recorded playing technique

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 8.45.01 AM.png

Control variations to easily control various aspects of the sound.

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