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Logic Articulate Tools
for Articulate Presets

Full overview over the entire Vienna Symphonic Library directly in Logic's main window

Full integration of the VSL into Logic

Taking advantage of Logic Pro’s powerful ways to extend its functionality (Environment, Scripter, …), the Articulate Tools for Logic provide a seamless and completely unprecedented integration of the VSL into Logic. They are free for all users of Articulate Presets and offer you the best possible user experience for orchestral composition in Logic. A next generation key-switching solution allows you to access all articulations included in the VSL by convenient key switches. At any time you get a full directory of the entire VSL directly in Logic’s main window and see the effect of the different continuous controllers supported by Articulate Presets (3D-control) for the selected instrument! While recording, articulations are automatically encoded in Logic’s Articulation IDs which are attributes of the notes themselves so that the articulation of a note is clearly displayed in Logic's editors. Last but not least the Logic integration implements the novel concept of an articulation sequencer. By performing all the articulation switching automatically, it allows you to play musical lines with complicated articulation changes in real time so you can concentrate on the crucial timing, phrasing and dynamics when recording them into Logic’s sequencer—thereby bringing your music to life.


Access all articulations quickly and easily by key-switches and have all immediately encoded in Articulation IDs of the notes.

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Select all instruments conveniently in Logic's patch browser and all articulations via clear text in all editors.

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Play and record realistic musical lines in real time as virtuous and expressive as possible using the unique Articulate Sequencer. 

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The most comprehensive and seamless 
integration of a music library into a DAW.

Get the support to intuitively play

any instrument with utmost virtuosity, 

instead of trying to recapture the magic of

a real performance by tedious programming


  • access to all articulations via 
    convenient, universal key switches

  • two switchable control ranges

  • 12 thematic articulation banks 

  • Quick Access Bank following the Art Conductor  layout, compatible with nearly every available library

  • fully configurable to your available control hardware 

  • works even on a small keyboard 
    with a 
    single switch controller 


The Articulate Monitor gives you full overview of the entire VSL right in Logic's Main Window! It shows ...

  • the active bank and articulation

  • the active control key range

  • all available articulation banks or articulations in the current bank clearly arranged on the keyboard  

  • for each articulation the effect of all Articulate Presets controllers (Vertical, Horizontal, Section, A/B)

  • full Articulate Sequencer control


Fully supports Logic's convenient Articulations IDs (note property):

  • when recording, articulations are automatically encoded into the Articulation IDs of the notes

  • clear articulation display (both abbreviation & full name) and simple assignment in all editors

  • even the most often used versions (e.g. a 3s medium decrescendo) are directly accessible via further dedicated Articulation IDs


Articulate Presets's signature 3D-control gives you full control over the playback of various musical aspects 
like attack, vibrato, muting, or even the amazing auto-divisi section control for Dimension Libraries. All is 
clearly displayed in the Articulate 

Monitor and Logic offers convenient ways to record and edit the resulting continuous controller data.


Articulate Patches allow you to add instruments conveniently via Logic's patch browser and all components are automatically set up. Articulate Templates available for standard configurations give you a full plug&play experience - just load the template and everything works out of the box.


The Articulate Sequencer implements the novel concept of an articulation sequencer. By performing all the articulation switching automatically, it allows you to play a musical line with complicated articulation changes in real time, so you can concentrate on the crucial timing, phrasing and dynamics when recording.

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Bring your music to life,

with the expressiveness
of the complete 

at your fingertips

A new level of integration

Articulate Tools literally integrate your VSL library right in the midst of Logic!

They offer you the most intuitive and 

musical user experience possible to date. You have the entire content of these vast libraries right at your fingertips and get at all times a complete overview of your orchestra - no need to open Vienna Instruments pro instances at all.

The Articulate Sequencer allows you to fully take advantage of all the detailed nuances that the VSL and Articulate Presets offer, in particular their signature 3D-control, already while playing and recording - bringing your music to life!

And if you still need to edit something in Logic's editors, all Articulations are automatically displayed clearly and you can even directly select all particular articulation versions of key articulations conveniently via their full name using Logis's powerful Articulation 


Articulate Monitor / Percussion.png
Articulate Monitor / Brass
Logic Articulation Sets for the entire Vienna Symphonic Library
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