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Articulate Presets for Strings M Full

Consists of five Articulate Presets that contain all content of the Full Libraries included in the VSL Orchestral Strings 1 & 2 and Chamber Strings 1 & 2 Collections:

- Strings M (Strings Orchestra, Strings Chamber, Muted Strings Chamber)

+ Violins M (Violins Orchestra, Violins Chamber, Muted Violins Chamber)

+ Violas M (Violas Orchestra, Violas Chamber, Muted Violas Chamber)

+ Cellos M (Cellos Orchestra, Cellos Chamber, Muted Cellos Chamber)

+ Basses M (Basses Orchestra, Basses Chamber, Muted Basses Chamber)

These Presets contain each over 100 matrices that offer up to 3D control, including crossfading the two section sizes, wherever the required sampled versions are available. In particular those marked by a + include the brand-new High Definition (HD) Shorts with 9 velocity layers. Moreover, the package includes the complete integration into all supported Music Applications (Logic, Dorico, Cubase, Studio One).

All presets come in a standard version, a version where the section controller is inverted, and the violins also in a version with alternate MIRx room placement and EQ (to be used as 2. violins). Moreover key matrices are separately included.

Important: Requires licenses for at least one of the Orchestral Strings 1 & 2 and Chamber Strings 1& 2 Full Libraries. A MIRx venue is also recommended for out-of-the-box room placement and reverberation. There are separate packages for Standard VSL Libraries!

Articulate Presets for Strings M Full

€24.00 Regular Price
€19.00Sale Price
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