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Articulate Presets for Brass S

This set covers both the standard and full Special Brass collection library as well as the single instrument libraries Trumpet [Bb], Trumpet [Bb, muted] and Flugelhorn.

It consists of six Articulate Presets that each contain all content of the corresponding instruments, and in case of the beautiful Bb Trumpet both normal and muted libraries as well as section control with the powerful Fanfare Trumpets:

- Second Trumpet (Trumpet [Bb], Trumpet [Bb, muted], Fanfare Trumpets) 

- Flugelhorn

- Cornet

- Alto Trombone

- Euphonium

- Trumpets L (Fanfare Trumpets (6), Trumpet Ensemble (3), Muted Trumpet Ensemble (3))

These Presets implement up to 3D control (e.g. Attack, Vibrato and Section control for the sustained articulations). Moreover, the package includes the complete integration into all supported Music Applications (Logic, Dorico, Cubase, Studio One).

Important: Requires licenses for the standard or full version of at least one of the VSL libraries Special Brass (and optionally for Brass 1 for section control), Trumpet [Bb], Trumpet [Bb, muted] or Flugelhorn. A MIRx venue is also recommended for out-of-the-box room placement and reverberation.

Articulate Presets for Brass S

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