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Articulate Presets for Brass D

Dimension Brass made easy!


Articulate Presets for Brass D cover the entire content of the flexible Dimension Brass I & II libraries (including the more recent extended articulations). They offer two complete sets of presets: Individual Player Presets to access each instrument separately, as well as Section Presets that offer full Section Control with Auto Divisi for all articulations. I.e. if you e.g. dial a single player with the Section Controller the four notes of a chord are automatically distributed among the different players. At the same time the Section Controller also gives you manual access to the individual groups and players


The package includes the following five Section Presets (both standard and full versions):

Trumpets D, Horns D, Trombones D, Wagner Tubas D and Low Brass D

as well as the 20 corresponding Individual Player Presets:

Trumpets D1-4, Horns D1-4, Trombones D1-4, Wagner Tubas D1-4 and Low Brass D1-4


These Presets contain each over 100 matrices that implement up to 3D control and are compatible with all other Articulate Presets. They implement expressive mute control for all articulations. Moreover, the package includes the complete integration into all supported Music Applications (Logic, Dorico, Cubase, Studio One).


Important: Requires licenses for at least one of the Dimension Brass 1&2 Standard or Full Libraries. A MIRx venue is also recommended for out-of-the-box room placement and reverberation.

Articulate Presets for Brass D

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