Articulate Presets for Brass 1 Full

Consists of four Articulate Presets that each contain all content of the normal and muted Solo and Ensemble Full Libraries included in the VSL Brass 1 Collection:

- Trumpet (Trumpet C, Trumpet Ensemble, Muted Trumpet C, Muted Trumpet Ensemble) 

- Horn (French Horn, Horn Ensemble, Muted Horn Ensemble),

- Trombone (Tenor Trombone, Trombone Ensemble, Muted Trombone A & B, Muted Trombone Ensemble)

- Tuba (Bass Tuba)

These Presets implement up to 3D control (e.g. Attack, Vibrato and Section control for the sustained articulations).

Important: Requires licenses for VSL Brass 1 Full Library, as well as Vienna Instruments Pro. A MIRx venue is also recommended for out-of-the-box room placement and reverberation. There are separate packages for Standard VSL Libraries!

Articulate Presets for Brass 1 Full