Articulate Presets for Basic Orchestra Standard

This set consists of Articulate Presets for all instruments of a basic Symphony Orchestra! It covers the complete content of the Standard Libraries of 8 VSL Collections. 

All presets are complete, consistent across the entire orchestra and offer up to 3D-Control (in particular crossfading two section sizes) where the required sampled versions are available.


Important: These Presets will only work with the Collection Standard Libraries but not with Single Instrument Standard Libraries. Requires licenses for at least some of the covered VSL Collections (Orchestral Strings 1 & 2, Chamber Strings 1 & 2, Woodwinds 1, Brass 1, Harps and Percussion), as well as for Vienna Instruments Pro. A MIRx venue is also recommended for out-of-the-box room placement and reverberation. There are separate packages for VSL Full Libraries!


Included Articulate Presets:

- Strings M (Strings Orchestra, Strings Chamber, Muted Strings Chamber)

- Violins M (Violins Orchestra, Violins Chamber, Muted Violins Chamber)

- Violas M (Violas Orchestra, Violas Chamber, Muted Violas Chamber)

- Cellos M (Cellos Orchestra, Cellos Chamber, Muted Cellos Chamber)

- Basses M (Basses Orchestra, Basses Chamber, Muted Basses Chamber)

- Flute (Flute 1, Flute Ensemble)

- Oboe (Oboe 2, Oboe Ensemble)

- Clarinet (Clarinet Bb 1, Clarinet Ensemble)

- Bassoon (Bassoon 1, Bassoon Ensemble)

- Trumpet (Trumpet C, Trumpet Ensemble, Muted Trumpet C, Muted Trumpet Ensemble) 

- Horn (Horn Vienna, Horn Ensemble),

- Trombone (Tenor Trombone, Trombone Ensemble, Muted Tenor Trombone A & B, Muted Trombone Ensemble)

- Tuba (Bass Tuba)

- Harp (Harp 1, Harp 2)

- Timpani

- Glockenspiel

- Xylophone

- Vibraphone

- Marimba

- Celesta

- Drums Combi (includes all instruments of the Drums Library)

- Cymbals & Gongs Combi (includes all instruments of the Cymbals and Gongs Library)

- Percussion Combi (includes all instruments of the Percussion Library)

- Mallets Combi (includes all instruments of the Mallets Library)

- Bells Combi (includes all instruments of the Bells Library)

Articulate Presets for Basic Orchestra Standard