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Articulate Presets Complete Package

This huge package consists of all Articulate Presets available so far in versions for both  Full and Standard Libraries. It includes everything contained in all other packages (AP for Symphonic Cube, AP for Strings D, AP for Brass D, AP for Strings L, AP for Brass S, AP for Woodwinds S, AP for Basic Orchestra, AP for Large Orchestra), covering the complete content of 21 VSL Collection and 7 Single Instrument libaries, making up most of the VSL Super Package (Strings Complete, Woodwinds Bundle, Brass Bundle and Percussion)!


All presets are complete, consistent across the entire orchestra, and offer up to 3D-Control (in particular crossfading two section sizes) where the required sampled versions are available. The Symphonic Cube libraries in particluar include the brand-new High Definition (HD) Shorts with 9 velocity layers. Moreover, the package includes the complete integration into all supported Music Applications (Logic, Dorico, Cubase, Studio One).


Important: Requires licenses for at least part of the covered VSL libraries: Solo Srings 1 & 2, Violin 2, Cello 2, Chamber Strings 1 & 2, Orchestral Strings 1 & 2, Appassionata Strings 1 & 2, Dimension Strings 1 - 3, Woodwinds 1 & 2, Special Woodwinds, Clarinet 2, Bassoon 2, Brass 1 & 2, Special Brass, Trumpet Bb, Trumpet Bb muted, Flugelhorn, Dimensions Brass 1 & 2, Harps and Percussion. A MIRx venue is also recommended for out-of-the-box room placement and reverberation.


Included Articulate Presets:

- Strings S (Strings Chamber, Muted Strings Chamber)

+ Violins S (Violin solo (1), Muted Violin solo, Violins Chamber, Muted Violins Chamber)

- Violins S2 (Violin solo (2), Violins Chamber, Muted Violins Chamber)

+ Violas S (Viola solo, Muted Viola solo, Violas Chamber, Muted Violas Chamber)

+ Cellos S (Cello solo (1), Muted Cello solo, Cellos Chamber, Muted Cellos Chamber)

- Cellos S2 (Cello solo (2), Cellos Chamber, Muted Cellos Chamber)

+ Basses S (Bass solo, Muted Bass solo, Basses Chamber, Muted Basses Chamber)

- Strings M (Strings Orchestra, Strings Chamber, Muted Strings Chamber)

+ Violins M (Violins Orchestra, Violins Chamber, Muted Violins Chamber)

+ Violas M (Violas Orchestra, Violas Chamber, Muted Violas Chamber)

+ Cellos M (Cellos Orchestra, Cellos Chamber, Muted Cellos Chamber)

+ Basses M (Basses Orchestra, Basses Chamber, Muted Basses Chamber)

- Strings L (Strings Orchestra, Strings Appassionata, Muted Strings Appassionata)

+ Violins L (Violins Orchestra, Violins Appassionata, Muted Violins Appassionata)

+ Violas L (Violas Orchestra, Violas Appassionata, Muted Violas Appassionata)

+ Cellos L (Cellos Orchestra, Cellos Appassionata, Muted Cellos Appassionata)

+ Basses L (Basses Orchestra, Basses Appassionata, Muted Basses Appassionata)

- Violins D (8 Players) 

- Violas D (6 Players) 

- Cellos D (6 Players)

- Basses D (4 Players)

- Violins D1-8

- Violas D1-6

- Cellos D1-6

- Basses D1-4

- Piccolo Flute

+ Flute (Flute 1, Flute Ensemble)

- Second Flute (Flute 2, Flute Ensemble)

+ Alto Flute

- Bass Flute

+ Oboe (Oboe 2, Oboe Ensemble)

+ Viennese Oboe (Oboe 1, Oboe Ensemble)

+ English Horn (English Horn 2)

+ Viennese English Horn (English Horn 1),

- Oboe d'Amore

- Heckelphone

+ Small Clarinet (Clarinet Eb)

+ Clarinet (Clarinet Bb 1, Clarinet Ensemble)

- Second Clarinet (Clarinet [Bb] 2, Clarinet Ensemble)

+ Bass Clarinet

- Contrabass Clarinet

- Basset Horn

+ Bassoon (Bassoon 1, Bassoon Ensemble)

- Second Bassoon (Bassoon 2, Bassoon Ensemble)

+ Contrabassoon

+ Piccolo Trumpet

- Cornet

+ Trumpet (Trumpet C, Trumpet Ensemble, Muted Trumpet C, Muted Trumpet Ensemble)

- Second Trumpet (Trumpet [Bb], Trumpet [Bb, muted], Fanfare Trumpets) 

- Trumpets L (Fanfare Trumpets (6), Trumpet Ensemble (3), Muted Trumpet Ensemble (3))

- Trumpets D (4 Players)

- Trumpets D1-4

+ Bass Trumpet

+ Horn (Horn Vienna, Horn Ensemble, Muted Horn Ensemble)

+ Triple Horn (Horn 2, Horn Ensemble (8))

+ Horns L (Horn Ensemble (8), Horn Ensemble (4), Muted Horn Ensemble (4))

- Horns D (4 Players)

- Horns D1-4

- Flugelhorn

- Alto Trombone

+ Tromnone (Tenor Trombone, Trombone Ensemble, Muted Tenor Trombone A & B, Muted Trombone Ensemble)

- Trombones D (4 Players)

- Trombones D1-4

+ Bass Trombone

- Contrabass Trombone

- Euphonium

+ Tuba (Bass Tuba)

- Contrabass Tuba

+ Wagner Tuba

- Wagner Tubas D (4 Players)

- Wagner Tubas D1-4

+ Cimbasso

- Low Brass D (4 Players: Trombone 1&2, Bass Trombone, Tuba)

- Low Brass D1-4

- Harp (Harp 1, Harp 2)

- Timpani

- Glockenspiel

- Xylophone

- Vibraphone

- Marimba

- Celesta

- Tubular Bells

- Mallets Combi (includes all instruments of the Mallets Library)

- Bells Combi (includes all instruments of the Bells Library)

- Drums Combi (includes all instruments of the Drums Library)

- Cymbals & Gongs Combi (includes all instruments of the Cymbals and Gongs Library)

- Percussion Combi (includes all instruments of the Percussion Library)

- Harpsichord


(+) Instrument contains the new HD Shorts; the few remaining Symphonic Cube instruments unfortunately do not include the required samples.

Articulate Presets Complete Package

€199.00 Regular Price
€159.00Sale Price
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