Articulate Presets
for the Vienna Symphonic Library

Turn your library into an instrument ...

The Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) offers one of the most comprehensive and detailed virtual orchestras to date. Articulate Presets for VSL provide a complete plug & play solution for a convenient use of VSL libraries, so you do not have to spend a lot of time setting things up. They include every articulation of the corresponding libraries and are organized in a fully coherent way so that a sequence can easily be moved from one instrument to another. They offer an unprecedented integration into the major DAWs (Logic and Cubase) and allow you to access everything via clear descriptions or musical symbols. Articulate Presets take advantage of all the advanced features only 
VI pro offers, like auto-voicing, enveloped time-stretching, humanize, the APP sequencer and MIRx to get far more out of the recorded samples. Above all they expand on the expressive capabilities that virtual orchestras offer up to now and combine the sampled articulations into playable sounds (the individual matrices) that react to various continuous controllers to get you much closer to the gradual nuances that orchestral instruments are capable to produce. Articulate Presets are
complete, consistent across the entire orchestra and give you unprecedented control over your sounds!


Articulate Presets include all articulations of VSL libraries 
and arrange them in over 100 matrices per preset, accessible by program change messages.

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All Presets have the same layout, including controller assignments, so you can move sequences from one instrument to another and they play as expected.

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Articulate Presets give you unprecedented control over your music and allow you to shape the nuances of the performance in an up to 3D sound-space.

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Articulate Presets let you concentrate on what's actually important ... Your music

Work like a painter who has all palettes and brushes ready for work, instead of going to the workshop to mix colors

every time another one is needed


  • 128 matrices accessed by program change messages

  • including all articulations
    of up to 5 full VSL libraries

  • two blend-able section sizes

  • two additional controllers to access all different versions

  • two controller layouts
    (CC1 or 2 for Velocity Xfade) 


Growing list of VSL Collections, including the full Symphonic Cube:

  • Solo Strings I & II (+Violin/Cello 2)

  • Chamber Strings I & II

  • Orchestral Strings I & II

  • Appassionata Strings I & II

  • new: Dimension Strings I - III

  • Woodwinds I & II

  • Brass I & II

  • new: Dimension Brass I & II

  • Percussion & Harps


Whereas out of the box VSL libraries can require a significant effort to set up an entire Orchestral Template, 
Articulate Presets are fully "Plug & Play" ... Merely install the presets, assign the required controllers and load your orchestra. Everything else from articulation selection to pan & reverb is fully set up & ready to go.


With the SSD enhancement of VI pro you can by now fully take advantage of the huge sound content of the VSL and run all articulations of an entire orchestra even on a laptop. And the new, 

unprecedented Cubase and Logicintegration lets you access all articulations directly in your DAW via their name or notation symbol.


A lot of effort has been invested in the design of Articulate Presets, in order to ensure completeness and full consistency across the entire orchestra: All articulations are 

accessed and controlled from a single track/stave, in the same way for all instruments, and no control information affects your score!


  • Supported VSL Collection

  • Vienna Instruments Pro

  • Master keyboard that sends program change messages and 4+ continuous controllers or Tablet with the VI pro App

  • SSD for sample streaming

  • MIRx venue



Get so much closer
to the subtle nuances an 
acoustic instrument
can produce  ...

A new level of control

Control how your music is performed in an up to 

3D sound space, by varying three continuous controllers!

In addition to the single continuous Slot X-fade controller of VI pro (which in Articulate Presets generally controls the size of the instrument section) 3D Control offers two more quasi-continuous controllers, that are implemented directly via the two control dimensions of the VI matrices. These allow you to continuously blend all available versions of a given articulation (e.g. strong, light and no vibrato versions).

Parameters that can be continuously controlled depend on the available sampled versions for a given articulation and include:

  • Section size (new: auto-divisi for Dimension libs)

  • Attack behavior

  • Vibrato intensity

  • Legato performance

  • Tremolo intensity

  • Mute strength

  • Bowing position

  • Harmonic content



At Symphonic Riot we love VSL libraries and created Articulate Presets because we were looking for a better way to use them ourselves. We were so happy with the result that we want to share them.


Want to know more?

Download the full User Manual to learn about all the detailed features of Articulate Presets ...

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